Sunset Memory Gardens

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Sunset Memory Garden
Last Name First Name Maiden Name Birth Date Death Date Age Source Remarks Contact
Asbury Arthur H.   06-Jan-1910 16-Nov-1993 83 Obituary    
Asbury Edna L Korth 01-Jul-1910 07-Aug-2003 93 Obituary   Sue Rush
Baker Maudie Campbell 21-Jun-1929 16-Dec-2005   Obituary   Sue Rush
Balz Alberta Elaine   12267 03-Mar-2004   Obituary    
Banks Andrew T."Tony"   04-Sep-1899 01-Jun-1982 82 Obituary   Sue Rush
Banks Lydia H. Dage 02-Apr-1901 23-Nov-1967 66 Obituary   Sue Rush
Berg Earl M.   29-Jul-1893 02-Aug-1973   Headstone Same Stone as Hazel May LV County Coordinator
Berg Eugene W.   1905 1985   Headstone Same stone as Voltena LV County Coordinator
Berg Florence   1905 no DOD   Headstone Same stone as Harry E. LV County Coordinator
Berg Harry E.   1902 1969   Headstone Same Stone as Florence E LV County Coordinator
Berg Hazel May   18-Apr-1896 27-Dec-1965   Headstone Same stone as Earl M LV County Coordinator
Berg Jeanette Lindsey 22-Apr-1919 24-Aug-1995   Headstone Same stone as Malcolm LV County Coordinator
Berg Malcolm   31-Mar-1920 02-Oct-2005   Headstone Same stone as Jeanette LV County Coordinator
Berg Mildred   1911 1971   Headstone Same stone as Walter LV County Coordinator
Berg Voltena   1910 no DOD   Headstone Same stone as Eugene W. LV County Coordinator
Berg Walter   1904 1980   Headstone Same stone as Mildred LV County Coordinator
Bohannon Betty L. Hart 13708 38107 66 Obituary    
Butzin Eugene F. Jr.   11-Apr-1926 30-Jul-1993 67 Obituary    
Calhoun John Henry Jr   1929 no DOD   Headstone Same stone as Minnie Heflin LV County Coordinator
Calhoun Minnie Heflin   1933 no DOD   Headstone Same stone as John Henry Jr. LV County Coordinator
Camp Anson W.   15-Jul-1917 15-Oct-1992 75 Obituary   Sue Rush
Camp Eunice M Moore 25-Dec-1918 12-Jun-1975 56 Obituary   Sue Rush
Crowley Donald A   1907 1975   Headstone Same stone as Lola M LV County Coordinator
Crowley Lola M.   1920 no DOD   Headstone Same stone as Donald A. LV County Coordinator
Cruce Eric Justin   02-Aug-1973 05-Nov-2007 34 Obituary    
Davis Beulah C Jochem 10-Sep-1921 13-Sep-2005 84 Obituary    
Donnell Mervy Cyril   18-Jan-1913 06-Feb-1994 81 Obituary   Sue Rush
Edmonds Orville J   20-Jun-1915 07-Apr-2005 89 Obituary    
Edwards Elzie "Ed"   20-Mar-1894 09-Oct-1974 80 Obituary    
Edwards Harold E.   02-Oct-1917 13-Sep-1979 68 Obituary    
Edwards Stella Lee   04-Jan-1895 26-Jan-1967 92 Obituary    
Erhart Alma B.   1900 1985   Headstone Same stone as Horatio D. LV County Coordinator
Erhart Clyde R.   1898 1968   Headstone Same stone as Jennie M. LV County Coordinator
Erhart Horatio D.   1900 1968   Headstone Same stone as Alma B. LV County Coordinator
Erhart Horatio D. Jr.   1924 1979   Headstone   LV County Coordinator
Erhart Jennie M.   1900 1969   Headstone Same stone as Clyde R. LV County Coordinator
Fitch Charlotte M Freeman 17-Oct-1915 27-Sep-1995 79 Obituary   Sue Rush
Hill James A   25-Nov-1932 08-Nov-1994 61 Obituary    
Howard Helen R.   1896 1981   Headstone Same stone as Wm Earl LV County Coordinator
Howard Wm Earl   1881 1967   Headstone Same stone as Helen R. LV County Coordinator
Inman Daisy B Kempes 13-Jul-1918 11-Sep-2005 87 Obituary    
Johnson Ben H. Mar   13-Mar-1895 07-Feb-1964   Headstone Same stone as Jewel LV County Coordinator
Johnson Jewel   06-Jun-1900 15-Oct-1961   Headstone Same stone as Ben H. Mar LV County Coordinator
Kenyon Sally Steed 09-Sep-1944 26-Jul-2002 57 Obituary   Sue Rush
Kenyon Sally D. Steed 09-Sep-1944 26-Jul-2002 57 Obituary    
Korth Ernest O.   28-Jun-1908 20-Jan-1977 68 Obituary   Sue Rush
Korth Helen Marie   30-Nov-1910 19-Feb-1981 71 Obituary   Sue Rush
Korth Martha Marie   09-Jun-1884 06-Jan-1971 86 Obituary    
Lebbert Herman   20-Aug-1892 07-Sep-1970 78 Obituary    
Limpus Mary Moser 24-Mar-1918 04-Nov-1998 80 Obituary    
Linaweaver Claude   04-Feb-1890 02-Jul-1968 78 Obituary    
Linaweaver Dorothy Marie   29-Jan-1912 10-Dec-1990 78 Obituary   Sue Rush
Linaweaver Edith Louise   23-Jun-1915 24-Jun1993 78 Obituary   Sue Rush
Linaweaver Glenn L.   28-Oct-1915 07-Oct-1990 74 Obituary    
Linaweaver Margaret Smoot   02-Aug-1973   Obituary    
Linaweaver Walter Claude   21-Jun-1913 15-Dec-1991 78 Obituary   LV County Coordinator
McGhee Gary LaVern   1940 1984   Headstone   Sue Rush
Millard Sr. Brees Ralph   05-Apr-1912 20-Jan-2006 92 Obituary   LV County Coordinator
Monkada/Heagy Bobby L.   1932 1981   Headstone    
Monsell Helen Irene Spindler 15-Aug-1923 07-Apr-2006 82 Obituary   Sue Rush
Moore Annie L. Morales 24-Dec-1889 01-Aug-1981 91 Obituary   Sue Rush
Moore Earl G.   15-Sep-1889 22-Feb-1962 72 Obituary    
Moritz Chris L.   12-Nov-1947 02-Apr-1998 50 Obituary    
New Mildred V.   20-May-1913 27-Dec-2002 89 Obituary Same stone as John N. LV County Coordinator
Ochs Elsie L.   1910 no DOD   Headstone Same stone as Elsie L. LV County Coordinator
Ochs John N. Sr.   1895 1977   Headstone   LV County Coordinator
Parsons Myrtle May Jameson 08-Aug-1911 23-Sep-2008 97 Obituary    
Pratt Kenneth E.   1925 1971   Headstone    
Rector Ralph Bert   19-Mar-1928 07-Feb-2005 76 Obituary   Sue Rush
Rodenberg William H   8155 29134 57 Obituary   Sue Rush
Rush Ned   07-Aug-1905 11-Sep-1980 75 Obituary   Sue Rush
Schoenerr Emil "Shorty"   10-Mar-1895 26-Jan-1975 79 Obituary   Sue Rush
Schonherr Pearl Davidson 18-Oct-1889 11-May-1970 80 Obituary    
Skaggs Genevieve Rockers 29-Mar-1914 01-Dec-2004 90 Obituary    
Steed Anna W Tuttle 04-Sep-1905 20-Dec-1986 81 Obituary    
Steed Helen Jean Jones 22-Dec-1922 27-Jan-2004 81 Obituary    
Steed Raymond   06-Aug-1914 06-Mar-1980 65 Obituary    
Stiglmire Ida Mildred   2863 35303 88 Obituary    
Tuttle Catherine Marie Meadows 30-Aug-1924 08-Feb-1993 68 Obituary    
Ussery Mary   24-Nov-1928 06-Oct-2001 72 Obituary    
Vaughn Wilhelmina Mae Kern 15-May-1913 07-Apr-2008 94 Obituary    
Wilk Herbert E. "Richard"   01-Aug-1930 28-Mar-1980 49 Obituary    
Zule Eugene W. (Gene)   21-Sep-1916 06-Apr-2003 86 Obituary    
Zule Vivian Marie Tarr 03-Jun-1918 06-Dec-1992 74 Obituary    

Sunset Memory Garden, Leavenworth County Cemeteries

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From the collections at the Leavenworth County Historical Society and Museum. Reprinted with permission from The Leavenworth County Historical Society and Museum and the Leavenworth Times. Donated by Debra Graden.

Garden cemetery reflective of tradition

Leavenworth Times, Sunday June 5, 1988

Looking out at the grounds of Sunset Memory Gardens, the eye travels over gentle slopes, broken only by flowers and peaceful statuary. Caretakers George and Lee Rae say the garden-style cemetery is reflective of today's traditions, but the age-old respect for the dead remains.

"There are none of those cold headstones sticking out," Rae said last week. "When you stand here and look across the grounds, all you see are flowers and more flowers, even in the winter."

Flowers were at most of the gravesites last week. Rae recalled several of the larger funerals as he walked through the cemetery, section by section. The ones touching his heart most often are the ones for children.

"I remember a little three-year-old girl that was killed in her back yard in an accident. Her parents were so shaken as was everyone out here at the cemetery that day. It's the funerals of the younger people that stand out in my mind as being the hardest."

Two recent visitors had stopped off at the cemetery office, Mrs. Rae said, complementing the pair on the work they had done on the grounds.

"They said it was one of the prettiest cemeteries they had even seen. That means a lot to both of us because we take a lot of pride in keeping it up. We live out here and most of our time is spent making sure it's cared for properly."

Rae is a native of Scotland. He and his wife, a native of St. Joseph, Mo., have been involved with Sunset Memory Gardens since 1984. Rae says Wilton "Monty" LaMontaine started the 29-acre cemetery in 1956 and Clara A. Shott was the first burial Jan. 29 of that year. Since that time, 1170 burials have taken place in the 10 acres under development.

"The weather has been bad on us this year. The ground is dry and we have lost some trees, but it still looks good. It's a constant job to keep the place going," he says.

The cemetery is divided into the Christa, devotions and veterans sections. The latter section includes two plaques dedicated by the Bryon H. Mehl Post No. 23 American Legion.

Rae says the lawn cripts in the devotion section are especially popular in today's burials. Husband and wife are buried in the same lot, one on top of the other, and the sites were prepared when the section was constructed, allowing easy access to the grounds.

The caretakes express concern about the highway curve in front of the cemetery. During larger funerals, cars are parked alongside the highway and the curve cuts down on visibility.

"One time we saw a man come around that curve really fast and there was a car turning into the cemetery. He had to go into the ditch in order to avoid a collision. That concerns us."

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